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John McCain's Hate Talk Express

Bill Cunningham is a second-tier conservative talk show host, but his brand of rhetoric is no secret, especially to conservative activists and by that extension, the campaign officials for John McCain who booked him to introduce McCain. So I simply don't believe this "apology" from McCain after Cunningham used the "Hussein" middle name in order to try and link Sen. Obama to terrorists. They knew what this guy was doing. He's said it on the radio and on tv.

McCain is using Cunningham, as Republicans often use con talk. Whether it's Rush Limbaugh excusing Abu Ghraib or Sean Hannity rallying the troops by telling them stopping Pelosi's ascendancy to the position of Speaker was a matter of life or death - this is what they do.

The relationship between the con talkers and the Republican politicians is an incestuous one and it won't ever stop.