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John McCain & The Hidden President

John McCain is running as the head of the Republican party, he is running to be the succesor to a two-term Republican president. This is the same president he wholeheartedly endorsed and adamantly campaign for. So, we have to ask, why is he hiding him?

Senator John McCain’s campaign advisers will ask the White House to deploy President Bush for major Republican fund-raising, but they do not want the president to appear too often at his side, top aides to Mr. McCain said Sunday.


But even as the consensus was that Mr. McCain needed to “stand in the sun” on his own, as one adviser put it, without the large shadow cast by Mr. Bush, left unsaid was the difficult calculus the McCain campaign faces: Using Mr. Bush enough to try to make the tough sell of Mr. McCain to conservatives but not so much that he will drive away the independents and some moderate Democrats that Mr. McCain is counting on in November.

McCain is essentially running for a third Bush term, so he should have his running mate out there with him.