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John Hagee, The Anti-Catholic Right Wing Nutjob Who Endorsed John McCain -- With McCain's Blessing

Barack Obama denounced Farrakhan. John Mccain embraced John Hagee.

John Hagee and John McCain

More on McCain-endorsed Hagee:

Hagee has denounced replacement theology, believing that Romans 9, 10 and 11 teaches that the Jewish people continue to have favor with God by the election of grace and as a people of the covenant their salvation is not dependent on belief in Jesus Christ. Hagee believes that the Bible commands Christians to support Israel and the Jewish people.

He alleges the land of Israel never belonged to the Arabs because sovereignty went from the Ottoman Turks who controlled the land prior to World War I, to the British, to the United Nations which authorized its partition and creation of the State of Israel. He claims the land was named Palestine after the ancient Philistines to punish the Jews for their revolt against the Romans, that there is no unique Palestinian language and most of those who claim to be Palestinians immigrated from other Arab nations prior to 1948.

Hagee has said Iran is a threat to Western civilization and that they will never respond favorably to diplomacy[citation needed]. He supports an American-Israeli attack on Iran to eliminate its alleged nuclear programme and supports the Neo-Conservative movement in the United States.

Hagee, like many other right-wing preachers, also is accused of using his church as a cash cow for him and his family.