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In Which, God Help Me, I Praise George W. Bush For Something

Just for a nanosecond. A moment from the start of today's presidential press conference:

Q Mr. President, bad economic news continues to pile up, the latest today with the GDP barely growing. Are you concerned that a sagging economy and hard times will help defeat John McCain, like it did your father in 1992? And how far are you willing to go to prevent that?

THE PRESIDENT: I'm concerned about the economy because I'm concerned about working Americans, concerned about people who want to put money on the table and save for their kids' education. That's why I'm concerned about the economy. I want Americans working.

Reporters are obsessed with framing everything as a campaign issue. For them, the years between elections are just filler between campaign seasons. But for the rest of us, in reality, it isn't. Bush answers this question in the right way, knocking out the reporter's stupid framing of it as a campaign issues. The economy matters because it affects the life of Americans. Not because it may or may not hurt John McCain in the fall. Leave that kind of stupid question to fellow journalists and pundits.