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Breaking news! The right plans to attack Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as a far-left socialist! You may remember seeing this attack before when the following people have been derided as the most liberal man alive by the Republican opposition:

John Kerry
Al Gore
Bill Clinton
Walter Mondale
Jimmy Carter
George McGovern
Hubert Humphrey
Lyndon Johnson
John F. Kennedy
Adlai Stevenson
Harry Truman

I'll make a prediction: Whoever the Democratic party nominates in 2012, 2016, 2020 and beyond will also be portrayed as the most liberal man or woman alive. Be afraid! Boooooooo!!!

To put this in perspective, one of the conservative "intellectuals" this article cites extensively. Here is Grover Norquist's serious prediction of what would happen if Bush won the 2004 election:

The modern Democratic Party cannot survive the reelection of President George W. Bush and another four years of Republican control of both Congress and the White House.
No brag. Just fact.

As all schoolchildren now know via their history books, two years after George Bush's re-election his approval rating dropped to an almost permanent sub-35 percent, and his party lost both the House and the Senate. This is a man who wants Ronald Reagan's mug on Mount Rushmore. Reality isn't his strong suit.