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Bill Clinton Doesn't Like The Rules Of The Texas Contest

In Texas, the vote will be weird. They have a traditional primary in the day, then at night there is a caucus. Now, remember, the Clinton campaign didn't have any problems with caucuses in Iowa. Then before Nevada they whined about them. Then they won Nevada so they were okay with them. Then the lost a boatload of caucus states and one again disliked caucuses.

That brings us to today's whine about Texas from President Clinton.

"The doors open at 7 and they close at 7:15. It would be tragic if Hillary were to win this election in the daytime and somebody were to come in at night and take it away."

But you see, President Clinton, nobody is taking it away. Your wife's campaign has failed to organize. You thought you would have the nomination wrapped up by Super Tuesday and didn't have a contingency plan for the caucuses. The rules are wacky, they are weird, but they are the stinking rules.