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Barack Obama On The Verge Of Making The Dumbest Decision Of The Election

Don't do it.
Please don't do it.
Seriously. Don't. Do. It.

I'm sure this is just coming from John McCain because he's a golly gosh stand-up guy, right?

Hammering Senator Barack Obama for a fourth straight day, Senator John McCain said here on Friday that he expects Senator Obama to abide by his pledge use public financing for his general election if Mr. McCain does so as well.

Here's the deal: McCain is pushing this because McCain knows that going into the fall the Democrats will pound the GOP into the sand on fundraising. More Democrats are voting and caucusing, more Democrats are volunteering, more Democrats are excited about their candidates.

For the first time ever, the Democratic party is outraising the Republican party. The party and its candidate will have the resources to compete on a huge playing field, not just shoring up its blue state base and courting voters in swing states, but there will also be the ability to truly compete in those red states the GOP is holding on to by a thread.

This election could be the one that knocks back conservatism for ten years to a generation.

Don't give up that advantage. This is the equivalent of the opposing coach asking the Bulls to bench Michael Jordan in his prime.

You don't bench Jordan and you don't cave in to John McCain's campaign finance bull.