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If Barack Obama was secretly Jewish

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By Ben Cohen

The fact that Barack Obama has had to come out forcefully to deny that he is/was a Muslim speaks volumes about the rampant xenophobic attitude towards Muslims in America.

If Obama's father had been Jewish, and he had been raised in a Hebrew school as a child, would anyone be attacking his credentials to be president?

The argument would not be 'Who are these terrible people trying to smear his name?', it would be 'Who are these anti semitic, fear mongering racists implying there is something wrong with being Jewish?'. The majority of Muslims are law abiding, decent human beings with the same hopes and aspirations as the majority of Jews, Christians, Hindus and every other denomination on the planet. To vilify an entire community for the actions of a few is outrageous, and to use Islam as a weapon to smear a person is absolutely despicable.

In response to the charges that he is a Muslim, Obama should come out and simply say 'So what if I am?'.