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Clinton fizzles out

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By Ben Cohen

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The 20th (and hopefully final) debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was not the last round knockout the Clinton camp was hoping for. In fact, she was out thought, neutralized and rendered useless by the deft debating skills of Obama. Clinton looked distinctly flustered as she was unable to land solid blows on her opponent, giving the appearance of desperation and despair.

Clinton tried her best, complaining to the MSNBC hosts that she was
always the one asked the first question (an apparent sign of bias),
attacking Obama for misrepresenting her stance on NAFTA (which was
ludicrous given she supported the trade agreement until she decided to
run for president), and almost accusing her opponent of being anti
semitic for not rejecting Louis Farrakhan's praise for him (Obama said
'denounce' rather than 'reject').

It was a pathetic performance that failed in it's attempt to halt
Obama's surge in voters opinion. Clinton erratically showed glimpses of
passion, but it was interspersed with robotic catch phrases that had
clearly been written by her campaign team.  The schizophrenic back and
forth between tactics unveiled a campaign in its last throes.

Conversely, Obama performed well, tripping Clinton up every step of the
way. He slammed her for supporting Bushes' decision to go to war,
exposed her hypocrisy on NAFTA, and deflected criticism that his health
care plan is less substantive than hers (in truth, both plans are
equally bad). Obama's smoothness won the day, laying the groundwork for
another successful week of campaigning before Texas and Ohio on March

Hopefully, the Clinton campaign will soon realize that she has
virtually no chance of winning the nomination, and get behind Obama for
the presidential election against John McCain.