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Obama Surges After 8 straight Wins

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From the New York Times:

With a Surge in Momentum, Obama Makes His Case


WASHINGTON — The lopsided nature of Senator Barack Obama’s
parade of victories on Tuesday gives him an opening to make the case
that Democratic voters have broken in his favor and that the party
should coalesce around his candidacy.

Mr. Obama’s triumphs capped a week in which he went undefeated in
states across the country, in many cases by big margins, over Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York.

And his strength on Tuesday sliced across nearly every major
demographic line, with one element standing out: in Virginia and
Maryland, according to surveys of voters leaving the polls, he beat
Mrs. Clinton among women.

The sheer consistency of Mr. Obama’s victories over the last few
days certainly suggests that many Democratic voters have gotten past
whatever reservations they might have had about his electability or his
qualifications to be president.

Mr. Obama, in his victory speech in Madison, Wis., acted almost as
the primaries were behind him, offering a case against the probable
Republican nominee, Senator John McCain
of Arizona, as he spoke disparagingly of “Bush-McCain Republicans.” It
amounted to a preview of what an Obama-McCain race might be like, and
it reduced Mrs. Clinton, at least for one night, to the role of

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