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Obama's landslide victory could push Clinton out of the race

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"Barack Obama’s landslide victories in three mid-sized states Saturday suggest that he has the opportunity build a significant lead over Hillary Rodham Clinton among the locked-in “pledged” delegates before the candidates face off in the big battlegrounds of Ohio and Texas on March 4.

The results in Washington and Nebraska vindicated Obama’s strategy of
preparing expensive efforts to organize votes after the Feb. 5 contests
that many expected – wrongly — effectively to decide the race.
Clinton’s campaign, meanwhile, downplayed its own efforts in the
states, though she did air television ads in both Washington and

Obama also won in Louisiana, buoyed by taking nearly 90% of the support
of  black voters, according to exit polls. And he won overwhelmingly in
the U.S. Virgin Islands, winning all three of the territory’s pledged

In squeezing every delegate out of the small and mid-sized states
between now and March 4, and every dollar out of his supporters, Obama
is hoping to build a head of steam this month that will make him
unstoppable and will lure free-floating superdelegates to his camp.

Clinton, meanwhile, aims to keep the debate national in scope and
sharply competitive in the national media, if not on the ground in the
primary states.