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An Open Letter to the Right-wing establishment: Leave Ted Kennedy alone!

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Dear Republicans (especially the talking heads),

Leave Ted Kennedy alone.  He is not a whack-job liberal, or simply some drunken joke about dead girls and bridges.  He is a serious and distinguished public servant who has spent the past 50 years fighting for the rights of minorities, women, and for health care and education for all Americans, not  playing slick political games like todays politicians.

Most importantly, he has fought harder and sacrificed more for the sake of our nation that almost anyone in the history of the Republic.  His oldest brother died in World War II. The next brother was assassinated, maybe even by the U.S. government.  The third brother was assassinated because he, too, represented a kind of honesty, candor, and genuine greatness that few men on this earth can understand, let alone tolerate.  That is why Ted Kennedy spent 20 years inside a bottle of vodka.  (And by the way, its not that I don't think Ted Kennedy jokes are funny.  Its that when were trying to have a serious debate about the state of our nation, it would be nice if everyone sat back and looked for a little perspective on what we're really talking about.)

No amoral kow-tower like Mitt Romney or crazy ideologue like Dick Cheney could possible comprehend what Sen. Kennedy has had to take in order to support his ideals.  No simple-minded fool like George W. Bush could ever put himself in the shoes of a man like this and ask himself "why is this man so different from me?"

It is tragic to me that in order to score cheap political points, the
right-wing has simply taken to ad-hominem attacks.  By the way there
has been a lot of misuse of this term recently by great brains such as
Sean Hannity so let me be clear: the translation from Latin means,
literally, "to the man".  So that would mean that attacking John
Edwards for being an "angry white man" would be an ad hominem attack.
However saying "I disagree with Sen. Edwards position on health care
because I support a market based solution" is a legitimate and serious
policy disagreement.

To use these types of attacks to vilify a man who has literally given
his family and his life in service of this nation's highest principles
and most neglected people is literally the height of arrogance and
hypocrisy.  Republicans love to talk about sacrifice and patriotism .
Well no man has given more than he.  Its that simple . 

So any time you want to pick some patsy to distract the discussion from
your own massive political, moral, and intellectual shortcomings, find
someone who isn't owed the greatest honor our nation could bestow.  Or
better yet, do what Ted Kennedy does: go fight, honestly and
truthfully, for what you believe in, and then you won't have to resort
to such shameful words to get what you want.