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Funny, Sad, Or Both

Jonah "Liberals Are Fascists Because I Said So" Goldberg writing in the National Review (a publication who opposed Martin Luther King):

Michael Steele is a rising star in the GOP in part because people hope he can persuade more blacks that Republican policies are in black America's interests and explain to Republicans that there are ways to reach out to blacks without compromising conservative principles.

Michael Steele was the GOP's great black hope in Maryland, shoved into the office of Lieutenant Governor by holding on to Bob Ehrlich's jacket straps, and then propped up as the uber candidate for senate who would bamboozle Maryland's black voters into voting for him with commercials in which he pretended to be independent and with campaign signs that sold him as a Democrat. Conservatives thought it was the one Democratic-leaning race in 2006 they just might win, because the polls were "tied".

Michael Steele went on to lose the election by double digits.

This is what it takes to be a "rising star" in conservative circles if you're a black man.