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'Super Tuesday' in perspective: A victory for Obama

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By Ben Cohen

With the pundit classes prognosticating themselves into oblivion, it was hard to decipher exactly what happened during yesterdays 'Super Tuesday'. Having built Obama up into the ultimate dragon slayer over the last week, it was virtually  impossible for him to  claim the victory his performance really was.

The fact is, this really was a victory for Barack Obama. He dramatically closed the gap Clinton wielded over him for many months, even beating her in the amount of delegates won. Clinton beat Obama in all the places she was expected to, albeit by a smaller margin (except for California), while Obama swept the mid west, beat Clinton in Connecticut and Missouri, and hammered her in the South.

Obama still has an uphill struggle against the Clinton machine, but he has considerable resources to do so. He raised almost three times as much money as she did over January, putting him in top shape for the continuing war for votes. The pundits will no doubt put their spin on events, building candidates up or tearing them down according to the various polls or endorsements, but the race really is very tight with no Democrat assured of victory.

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