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An Unusual Request

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Dear Banter fans,

We don't like to endorse candidates at The Daily Banter, but this time we feel it important to do so.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are headed into the biggest voting
event in the battle for the Democratic nomination. 'Super Tuesday' will
give either candidate a huge victory should they come out on top, and
give them the best chance of winning the nomination.

We feel
it is important to endorse Barack Obama given he has the best chance to
beat whichever Republican candidate is nominated. He is the only
candidate who did not support the illegal invasion of Iraq, and the
only chance the Democrats have of breaking 20 years of a two family
dynasty. If Clinton is elected president, there is the possibility of
almost 30 years of Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton presidencies.

is not everything the progressive Left would like in a candidate, but
he is the best in a long, long time. America (and the world)
desperately need a change, so we urge you to vote for Obama.

To find where to vote, click here:

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