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And then there were two

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By Ben Cohen


After John Edwards dropped out this week, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama took part in the first ever Democratic debate for the party nomination featuring only a woman and an African American. It was a historic moment any way you choose to look at it, especially as whoever wins the nomination is likely to win the presidency (barring any hanging chads or suspect supreme court rulings).

There was nothing worth reporting from the debate itself. Obama and Clinton were largely cordial, and refused to engage in personal attacks. They seemed to want to agree on virtually every issue, choosing to focus their criticism on the Republican party instead.

The real question is this. Which candidate has the ability to effect any meaningful change in the White House? They both stand for essentially the same values (they are center left candidates), but each would have a different approach to doing business. The Clinton's have a history of divisive, partisan politics, while Obama has a history of working well outside his own party. It is for those reasons alone that Democrats must choose Obama if they want to see anything resembling a restoration of their battered reputation.