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Untraceable: Just Insulting

So, as a movie-going public we're used to being insulted by portrayls of the internet in film. From the ridiculous world of The Net and its talking chat icons to Hackers and its Mac-based "hacking" (a film who's only virtue is early Angelina Jolie action), the internet has just never been given respect in the movies. It's not like I expect the boring realism of online use to be translated to screen, but in this day and age where the vast majority of us use the web daily, the Internet being depicted in the trailer for "Untracebale" is just horrible.

I mean, come on Hollywood. Sure, this movie has the gorgeous Diane Lane (see her in hidden gem Hollywoodland), but the Internet it portrays (along with the manic typing nobody has ever done to put in a URL) is just ridiculous in 2008.