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The Green Eyed Monster

Because Sen. Ted Kennedy and Caroline Kennedy have chosen to endorse Sen. Obama, and gone so far as to call him the echo of JFK, pro-Clinton blogger Taylor Marsh has chosen to deride JFK as connected to the mob. Somehow I don't think if Teddy K was endorsing Sen. Clinton we'd be getting the same reaction. The silly season has now been dialed up to 11.

Marsh goes even further and says that Obama would have voted for the Iraq War. The irony is that Obama spoke against going to war and it is her candidate, Sen. Clinton, who actually voted for the darn thing. This echoes one of the dumber lines the Clinton campaign has been using, trying to paint Obama as more pro-war than she is.

That dog won't even think of hunting.

UPDATE: To add insult to injury the Clinton camp is pushing out the endorsement of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend as a counter to Sen. Kennedy. On one hand, the liberal lion of the senate, on the other... the woman so inept at politics that she lost Maryland for four years to the moronic Bob Ehrlich. Maryland. A. Kennedy. Lost. In. Maryland.