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Taylor Marsh & The Politics Of Paranoia

In the last couple weeks I've seen progressive blogger Taylor Marsh, who is pro-Clinton, go from being an advocate of her candidate to someone who is so anti-Obama that you would think you were on Free Republic. She has recently been peddling the idea that pro-Obama unions are engaging in voter intimidation. That's a pretty serious charge, and thats what the Las Vegas Sun thought as well:

After speaking with several Culinary members — at the suggestion of the Clinton campaign — the Sun cannot substantiate widespread voter intimidation on the part union organizers. What is clear, however, is that Culinary organizers are pushing Obama hard in the run-up to Saturday’s Caucus.

It’s also clear that some members in some cases have felt intimidated by the pushy approach of some organizers. According to labor experts, a vigorous back-and-forth is the norm in these types of situations — and the tactics don’t cross the legal line unless workers are overtly threatened.

None of the Culinary members interviewed by the Sun claim to have been threatened.


The situation is not as black and white as liberal blogger Taylor Marsh says it is. Marsh did not respond to an e-mail seeking an interview. Here are some questions the Sun sought to ask her.

1) Marsh did not identify the eyewitness to the Paris incident as a Clinton supporter. Why not?

2) Marsh did not include any interview with the actual alleged victim, Sylvia Antuna. Why not? In an interview with the Sun, Antuna said the incident may have been more misunderstanding than intimidation.

3) Did Marsh attempt to reach the Culinary Union to get its response to the allegation? If not, why not?

4) Last year, Marsh accepted money from the Association of Federal, State, City and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), to blog at a Democratic event. AFSCME has endorsed Clinton and is a longtime ally of the Clinton family. Has Marsh taken payment from AFSCME recently? If so, how much?

Marsh's response?

Obviously, Obama's fans across the web are attacking the messenger, me. It's been going on for a very long time. They need to attack my credibility because I've obviously hit a nerve.

Really? Really?