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Some Thoughts On Saturday's New Hampshire Debate

* I missed most of the Republican debate, but when Mike Huckabee interrupted Mitt Romney's answer on his "position on the war" by asking "which one?" - that was killer. Romney is beginning to be trapped within the larger media image of him much like John Kerry and Al Gore have been in the past. The fact that Romney has flip flopped and pandered more than any candidate in presidential history doesn't help at all.

* Interesting strategy from Edwards to cast himself and Obama as the agents of change versus Sen. Clinton as the "status quo". It helps Obama, but I'm not sure how it helps Edwards in the long run. It's not like he has the resources to outpace her.

* Sen. Obama is not a great debater. He's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but the format is not one that showcases his strengths. In a way he reminds me of Bush in 2000. He can squeak by a debate without losing or gaining any points, then make it up on the stump where he's way better than everyone else in the field.

* Sen. Clinton showed she isn't going to drop off after Iowa, and is still in it to win. But I think she got a bit too worked up after Obama and Edwards went after her. Her strength in the past has been the ability to take hits then plow right back against the opposition. I think losing Iowa has made her a little more sensitive to the barbs than in the past.

* Hopefully Bill Richardson will do everyone a favor and leave the campaign soon. I know politicians are supposed to remind people about their records, but whenever he talks himself up its so ham-handed it sounds like a too loud guy at a party bragging.

* The current polling seems to have a tossup or very slight edge to Obama in New Hampshire. If you accept that Obama is appealing to younger folks and independents like in Iowa that would seem to favor him. I also wonder if that 17-19% for Edwards is going to hold or if about 60% of those voters would peel off to Obama in an anti-Clinton vote.