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Romney Tries To Buy The Nomination

More bucks, more bucks.

Mitt Romney said yesterday that he put more of his personal fortune into his campaign during the last three months, but would not disclose the amount until after tomorrow's Iowa caucuses.

"I'm sure I made additional contributions in the fourth quarter, but I don't have any numbers for you," Romney said after a house party. "And we're not going to get into the numbers probably until sometime in the middle of the month. Right now, we're focused on voters."

Romney, a former head of Bain Capital who is worth between $190 million and $250 million, has vastly outspent his Republican presidential rivals in Iowa. As of Sept. 30, he reported lending his campaign $17.4 million and spending about $45 million nationwide.

No wonder some people are going to McCain and Huckabee. Who wants to be a trinket bought by Mitt Romney?