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Right-wing nutcase claims those who want sex ed taught in schools want kids to get STDs

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And that's not the worst part.  In an interview on Faux News, Concerned Women for America President Wendy Wright said that she believes that those who support comprehensive sex education for children want those children to have unprotected sex, get STD's and then get preagnant so they have to get abortions.  Why, you mught ask, does she believe such things about supporters of sex ed? Well apparently because we make tons and tons of money from all those abortions.  See, it all works out when you factor in the abortion slush fund all liberals and supporters of decent education draw their Satan-mas bonus checks from to buy their kids cocaine and Thai lady-boys.  And am I the only one who feels weird giving moronic front-people for fake advocacy groups honorifics?  Anyway enjoy the very uncomfoortable insanity.

Via Think Progress: