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One Of The Most Idiotic Things I've Ever Seen

Taylor Marsh is all a-twitter over the media going nutty over the faux "snub" during the State Of The Union (the video looks the same as on the night of the speech, no matter how many times you slow-mo it or change the headline). Should Sen. Clinton be the nominee I expect these same people to be up in arms when the press examines the trivial minutiae of Sen. Clinton (like "the cackle") without a hint of shame about the role they played in further legitimizing this line of nonsense.

I'm still trying to figure what the root cause of this is. Is it that progressive female bloggers see the candidacy of Sen. Obama as illegitimate because he's a man? Or that because he's black but not female he needs to sit down and wait his turn? More than a couple liberal bloggers sound just like Fox News when the target is Sen. Obama.

UPDATE: This picture verifies what Sen. Obama and Sen. McCaskill have been saying. I hope the anti-Obama bloggers feel very stupid and very ashamed.