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New Hampshire Watch

Depending on how this thing plays out my vote in the Feb. 12 Maryland primary may not be for naught...

Clinton Squeaks Out A Win!
The battle to be president is on like Donkey Kong

9:21: 42% in Clinton by 3%; NY Times: "Here’s the deal with the close Clinton/Obama numbers: The college towns haven’t reported yet. But the good news for Mrs. Clinton is that most precincts in Manchester have reported and she has a pretty substantial lead there. Manchester is the kind of blue-collar, establishment Democratic town that she should win; if Manchester was going the other way, that would signal a pretty big Obama win."

The campaign continues! Democratic turnout looks sweet for the future, remember New Hampshire has been one of those swing states.

8:37: 19% in 40-36 Clinton

8:35: 16% in 40-36 Clinton

8:24: 14% in 40-35 Clinton: Is Sen Clinton saying "not dead yet?" The media is already re-writing her obituary they wrote a day ago. Heh.

8:14: 12% in 40-36 Clinton

8:07: MSNBC calls it for McCain

7:59: 11%in: 39-36 Clinton

7:50: 10% in: 38-36 Clinton

7:47: 9%in: 37-37

7:34: 8%in: 38-36 Clinton

7:31: A thousand Schiavos. That's what the prospect of nominee Huckabee would present to us. Please.

6:58: Former Bush speechwriter David Frum (who was let go after bragging to everyone that he coined "axis of evil") previews some of the racially based attacks we can expect from the right about Obama if he's the nominee: "It's even weirder that the first African-American president should have no African-American relatives! Maybe that's why he plays so well in white America: Obama too learned about slavery and segregation from books." (via)

6:52: My gut says a single digit, yet solid win for Sen. Obama. I hope for more, but single digits is what I feel.

6:39: Attitude I like: "But to hear Obama spokesman Bill Burton talk, his boss is still the underdog. "Senator Obama has clearly sparked tremendous enthusiasm with his vision to fundamentally change the way business is done in Washington, but we're not taking anything for granted," said Burton. "There is much more work to do and we're going to continue fighting for every single vote."" I like pre-game hype, and post-game trash talking, but the good coaches are the ones who assume that going into every game is a visit into the fires of Valhalla.