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GOP Debate: The Hewitting

Remember that after every debate Hugh Hewitt has declared Mitt Romney to be the winner. In many of those races, Romney has gone on to lose when people actually go to vote. For this Florida event, Hewitt ups the ante for the contest:

But Romney won the night, and perhaps the nomination as well.

Now Hugh Hewitt is becoming the Mark Penn of the race: Romney is the annointed one. Why are we even bothering with this process? A debate is as good as a primary election! Romney Uber Alles!

And to restate for the record: I think the Republican field is extremely weak. I think that the Republican with the closest chance to maybe win is John McCain. I feel that of the likely other candidates Mitt Romney is far and away the wet noodle I want facing Sen. Clinton or Sen. Obama. I want Mitt Romney on that wall if fringe candidate Rudy Giuliani can't be there.