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Chris Bowers has the idea that Sen. Clinton's superdelegates along with her lead in states like California will present a firewall of support for her. Maybe that's true, but it was only a few weeks ago that New Hampshire was being discussed as the Clinton firewall. If we reach Super Tuesday with Sen. Obama winning Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, relying on the big states to win it out for Clinton begins to echo the logic behind Rudy Giuliani's campaign. That is, sure anything is possible, but what's likely to happen?

There is a reason why sports teams like to roll up enough points for a big early lead. Ask the freaking Patriots how that tends to work out.

(Calling people "sheeple" certainly doesn't make sense. Most people who aren't paid political professionals have far better things to do with their lives than pay attention to the ins and outs of politicians a full year before a primary election.)