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Conservatives can't stop cutting taxes

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By Ben Cohen

The Conservative Party in the U.K is complaining that the tax system is making the country 'less competitive' than its counter parts in Europe. Given the U.K has one of the lowest corporate tax rates already, it's hard to see how this logic stands up.

It is a bizarre world we live in where solutions to problems consist of advocating the very thing that ruined it in the first place. The U.S has a record deficit due to the massive revenue it gave up with Bush's enormous tax cuts, yet their proposals to stimulate the economy consists of more tax cuts.

The incessant cutting of taxes for those who do not need it has driven economic inequality to a historically unprecedented high in both the U.S and the U.K, yet those who have advocated this still seem to get a free pass.  It's amazing that the press do not bat an eyelid when the same nonsense is repeated over and over again.

After the conservative party wrecked the economy for the working poor in the U.K, it defies belief that they would insist on pretending the policies worked, and trying to implement an even more extreme version of them again. Low corporate taxes are good for corporations, but they are not good for ordinary working people.  How much more will the majority of the population be asked to sacrifice for the very few?