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Anti-Choicers Fading Hurrah

The Washington Post gives the anti-choice march from Tuesday significant play in Wednesday's "A" section, but of course yet again President Bush demonstrates that when it comes to anti-choice crazies, the conservative mainstream would rather have them only be heard come election time. He once again refused to appear with them in any capacity, and instead literally phoned it in again.

At a noon rally, President Bush spoke to the crowds via a telephone hookup from the White House, in what has become an annual greeting. "Thirty-five years ago today, the Supreme Court declared and decided that under the law an unborn child is not considered a person," Bush said. ". . . Today, we're heartened -- we're heartened by the news that the number of abortions is declining. But the most recent data reports that more than one in five pregnancies end in an abortion."

Interestingly, at the same time the chosen candidate of the "National Right To Life Committee" - Fred Thompson - is leaving the race after a horrible showing. Similarly, abortions are down... but likely because women are increasingly using RU-486 (the "morning after" pill), a medical option the anti-choicers have been fighting against for eons.

Why? Because America is largely a pro-choice with restrictions nation. This is simply not a country that believes abortion should not be a medical option for a woman. By their very nature anti-choicers are absolutists, with all the fervor of holy warriors. In their natural form they look like the circus that enveloped the Schiavo family in Florida, and that messianic mindset is revolting to most of modern America. What will be interesting to see is if anti-choicers get fed up with what is surely to be Republican inertia on their pet issue, and its clear that even in the Republican party that deviation from the mainstream has very limited influence.