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The New Nixon

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By Peter Bauer

Surprise, Surprise.  The results are in, and the candidates are dwindling.  There aren't many left in the Presidential field who represent anyone other than the Super Rich or Major Corporations.  If you've been paying attention to politics, you saw this one coming.  The cards are stacked and the fix is in (but you knew that already, didn't you).  Kucinich and Edwards, the most populist Democratic candidates have been pushed to the fringes where they can keep quiet, leaving the field to the smiling Obama or the stern Clinton.

Matt Taibbi, a political writer for Rolling Stone delivered a scathing critique of the two remaining Democratic candidates in the most recent issue of the publication. He says:

Clintons are back, running things as they always have, with their
back-stabbing, inside-baseball     mastery, their fanatical, almost
religious pursuit of the political fork in the road, their
boundless faith in ruthless corporate bagmen of the Penn genus and
other such faceless electoral point-shavers."

He doesn't go easy on Obama in his assessment of the Nevada Debate.

"Obama responded meekly by praising Hillary three times
in the first five minutes, avoiding the word "black" as though it
were a used Kleenex, and refusing to point out that he'd ever been
against the war in Iraq."

The article goes on to compare the upcoming party showdown to a
Nixon-Kennedy redux, "in the most negative sense of both of them."
Anyone interested in the illusion of choice that is the Democratic
Nominee should read this article.

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