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George Bush's Pathetic State Of The Union speech

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By Ben Cohen

Thankfully, George Bush gave his last State Of The Union speech ever. It was pathetic, to say the least. He sought to blame Democrats and the Congress for his catastrophic failures, and stuck to the same tired line that Iraq was necessary so that 'The Evil Doers' don't attack America. He continued to ratchet up the rhetoric about Iran, stating that it was continuing to develop nuclear weapons and sponsor terror etc.

Bush also laid out his long term plans to combat the recession, consisting of, you guessed it, more tax cuts.

Given the huge tax breaks gifted to the wealthy, massive deregulation
of corporate America, rising costs of food and oil, and impoverishment
of the middle and working class, it is beyond incredible that Bush has
the gall to suggest more of the same. Cocksure that his beliefs will
frame reality, the President merely looked more disconnected than ever
when repeating his tired mantra of 'giving Americans back their money'
(code for: 'Giving my corporate sponsors massive kick backs'). He
threatened to veto any tax raises presented to him by Congress in an
attempt to look tough, reassuring the public that he has no real plan
to stave off a recession.

There was some half hearted pledges to help create green technologies,
but given his atrocious track record on the environment, they can be
laughed of as even more irrelevant than the rest of his speech.

In summary, the President's speech looked mostly like a desperate
attempt to stave off his inevitable decline to insignificance. The best
part of the event was the end, when it dawned on the American public
that the imposter playing at being President will never, ever make a
State of the Union speech again.