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Obama takes Clinton to school

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By Ben Cohen

Last nights debate between the Democrats was by all accounts vicious, and fun to watch. Hillary Clinton continued to distort Obama's record, despite being countered with the facts, and John Edwards shone with some serious policy proposals and rejection of the two way bickering between his opponents. It was incredible to watch Clinton mis-characterise Obama's statements, then see Obama correct her with his actual statements, then have Clinton continue to insist he meant something else. It goes to show that it doesn't seem to matter what you are saying, as long as you say it enough.

All the candidates used the fact that it was Dr Martin Luther King Day to appeal to Black voters, priming themselves for the South Carolina primary next week (where over 50% of the voters are African American).

It was Obama that scored the heaviest blows though, ridiculing Clinton for her hypocrisy, and attacking Bill Clinton for his continued distortion of his record. "I can't tell which Clinton I'm running against," Obama quipped, much to the delight of the audience. It was great political theatre with a decent amount of substantive discussion as well. Check out some of the exchanges below: