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How the media is screwing John Edwards

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By Ben Cohen

'West Wing' Executive Producer Lawrence O'Donnells wrote an obnoxious piece in the Huffington Post on why John Edwards is supposedly 'A Loser' (apparently because he hasn't become president yet), highlighting the fact that John Edwards is getting royally screwed by the liberal press.

With plummeting poll numbers, the Senator from North Carolina cannot compete with the enormous dollars rolling in to media darling Barack Obama's campaign, or that of the name established Hillary Clinton. This, according to Donnell and much of the liberal establishment, proves Edwards is no good as a politician, or even as a man.

Read Johann Hari's excellent piece in the Independent countering this
appalling trend, and explaining why Edwards is still the best candidate

"The world is gaping with awe – and disbelief – at the prospect of a
black or female President of the United States. If George Bush
symbolises everything we hate about the United States, Barack Obama
seems to symbolise everything we love about the country: its warm
openness to immigrants, its shimmering civil rights movements, its
idealism. So it feels strange to say it, but reader, it's time to look
away from the woman and the black guy towards the white man from the
Deep South – because he is more left-wing, and more electable, than
either of them.

  You might remember John Edwards as the plastic vice-presidential candidate
  standing at John Kerry's wooden side in 2004. Back then, he offered anodyne
  Clintonian soundbites and centrist platitudes – but losing to Bush yet again
  did something strange to him. It turned him into an angry whistle-blower,
  exposing the corruption consuming both of Washington's parties.

  He explained: "I have seen the seamy underbelly of what happens in
  Washington every day. If you're Exxon Mobil and you want to influence what's
  happening with the government, you go and hire one of these big lobbying
  firms. This is what you find. About half the lobbyists are Republicans, and
  about half the lobbyists are Democrats. If the Republicans are in power, the
  Republican lobbyists take the lead, passing the money around. If the
  Democrats are in power, the Democratic lobbyists take the lead. They're
  pushing the same agenda for the same companies. There's no difference."

  He announced that "the system in Washington is rigged and our
  government is broken". The failures of US politics – not just under
  Bush, but under Bill Clinton too – can only be understood as a result of
  this endemic corruption. Global warming? It will never be dealt with while
  presidents and senators have to suck at the oil pump for campaign
  contributions. Forty-seven million Americans without health insurance? Thank
  the lavish campaign contributions of the drug and medical companies. Iraq?
  Look again to the oil donors, the defence donors, the "private military
  contractor" donors. And on, and on. Edwards adds, "This is
  personal for me. When I see the lobbyists all over Washington taking our
  politicians to cocktail parties, the picture I get in my head is of my
  father and my grandmother going to a mill in South Carolina every day. Where
  is their voice in this democracy?"