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Obama: A New Experiment for America

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By Ben Cohen

Barack Obama's stunning victory in Iowa is symbolic of Americans desire to make serious changes in their country. Whether Obama would actually make those changes in Washington is another issue, but he certainly represents the image of a different type of leader. And it is this image of change that Iowans have put their faith in

The mere fact that a black man running on a left wing ticket won in the 6th whitest state in America shows Americans are fed up with the status quo. The fact that young people came out in record numbers shows the next generations of voters believe they can now make a difference. The fact that Hillary Clinton was shunted into third place shows Americans are rejecting dynastic leadership, and most importantly it shows Americans are restoring hope in their democracy.

Barack Obama may not be everything the serious left wants in a leader, but he is an intelligent, thoughtful man who would no doubt make a better president than most other mainstream Democrats. He would also restore some faith internationally that Americans care about the intellectual capabilities of their leader.

Said former Air Force General Tommy McPeak of the disastrous Bush Presidency:

"We've been conducing a colossal experiment for the last six years to
see if it matters very much if the guy in the White House isn't that
smart. And, the
results are in."

Given Americans now seem to be voting for the opposite, perhaps they will conduct another experiment in the White House. The results are impossible to predict, but they are sure to be infinitely better.