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Live Blogging: Iowa Caucuses

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blogged by Ari Rutenberg

8:26 PM EDT: CNN is reporting that Edwards is ahead with 42%, but it doesn't mean much since only 2% of precincts are reporting..

8:31 PM EDT: however the Iowa Democratic Party say he is ahead with 37%...strange...

8:32 PM EDT: CNN updated to same numbers

8:35 PM EDT: Iowa Democratic Party reports that Edwards is at 34 %, Clinton at 32%, and Obama at 30%..and the Iowa Republican Party site is not working

8:38 PM EDT: Huckabee is winning with 34% according to CNN

8:43 PM EDT: CNN TV and are reporting completely different information: website has Hilary ahead with 50%, TV has Edwards with 34%..

8:48 PM EST: with over 20% of precincts reporting it seems to be tightening up with Edwards slightly ahead at 33.5%, Clinton at 32.5%, and Obama at Bill Richardson (who, though I am not a supporter, is probably the one of best qualified presidential candidate in U.S. history) is holding steady at 2%

8:52 PM EDT:  for the Repubs Huckabee is ahead at 33%, Romneybot3000 at 23%, and Thompson at 15%

8:55 PM EDT: its a dead heat for the Democrats, with everyone at about 32%

8:57 PM EDT: with something like 25% of precincts reporting, CNN is calling the Republican primary for Huckabee...I so want him to be the Republican nominee cause hell never win a general election and because 10 months of Huckabee jokes will be great

9:04 PM EDT: Obama ahead with 33%, Edwards and Clinton are tied at 32%

9:10 PM EDT: Obama is still ahead, now with 34% while Edwards and Clinton are still tied at 32%

9:15 PM EDT: Obama is pulling ahead slowly with 34.6%, Edwards is holding steady at 31.6%, and Clinton is declining slightly, but consistently, at 31.1%

9:30 PM EDT: CNN (and predict that Obama will win with 35%, while the second-place contest is still to tight to call, with Edwards at 30.69% and Clinton at 30.52%. 

The final results will be posted tomorrow.  Goodnight.