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It's time to stop this ridiculous process, starting with Iowa

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It is time to bring our democracy into the 21st century and have a normal primary and elections process.  This absurdity we go through every four years over two small states which are really predictors of absolutely nothing is a drain on our politicians, and forces them to raise much more money than they would otherwise have to do.  Basically, the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries exist to keep citizens of lovely but otherwise insignificant states a feeling of pride and significance, which is what the Senate is for, not the primary process.  By the way I know its a caucus in Iowa, but caucus is just an Indian word for meeting, and in these meetings they vote for potential candidates, thus making them primaries, as much as they might be unnecessarily complex and arcane.  In addition the fact that all of our primaries do not take place simultaneously is anachronistic.  200 years ago we really needed primaries and conventions to pick our candidates.  Now we can do it all together so each states get the same amount of attention and each vote is blind, thus giving people a chance to really vote their beliefs rather than the media's. 

There are two things that must be done to fix this electoral
wackiness.  First the electoral process must be updated.  Like almost
all other democracies we should have very short, publicly funded
elections.  Personally I think something like a one month primary in
which all voted are held on the same day with no conventions, as they
are basically shows put on for an audience in which nothing much
happens but a bunch of people congratulating themselves on screwing up
the democratic process, followed by a six-week general election.  This
would not only improve our electoral process, it would also get rid of
two year media speculation on elections, and allow our polticians to
actually do some work, as they spend so much time trying to raise money
and set up organizations that they don't actually have time to govern.
I mean there are four Democratic Sentors, one Governor, and one
Representative who have all basically been away from their jobs for
anywhere from six months to two years.  And for Obama, that means he
has spent two of his three years in the Senate campaigning and not
legislating, which is more that simply voting on bills.  Second the
media must stop acting like the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries
actually mean anything. According to CNN if you look and Iowa and New
Hampshire together then they accurately predict 11 of the 13 last
elections.  That is not amazing.  Neither predicts more than 7
individually, thus making them about 50% accurate, not much more than
anywhere else.  Also this system has only existed since 1972, not
exactly an ancient or treasured tradition.  It is time for progress in
this country, and a good place to start would be by fixing our
electoral process.