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Crunch time for America

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An interesting perspective on the U.S election from the U.K.

From The Independent:

"The phoney war is over. Tonight, in school rooms, church halls and
private homes across the Midwestern state of Iowa, the first votes will
be cast that actually count, kicking off the most unpredictable, the
most expensive and arguably the most important presidential election
season in modern US history.

is the currency of American politics but this time the superlatives are
justified. When the process at last comes to an end, spending by
candidates will have far exceeded $1bn. The Democratic and Republican
fields are uncommonly strong, but in neither is there a clear
favourite. And never have the stakes been higher – not only for the US
but for countries all over the planet.

Every election in the world's lone superpower matters, but only a
few of them qualify for the label of "transformational", those that set
the country on a new course. 1932 was one, ushering in Franklin D
Roosevelt, the New Deal and more than three decades of Democratic
pre-eminence. Another was 1980, which brought to power Ronald Reagan
and the conservatism that has dominated US politics ever since. Almost
three decades on, 2008 has the potential to be the same."

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