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Kucinich tells supporters to back Obama

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By Ben Cohen

From the New York Times:

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – Representative Dennis Kucinich urged his Iowa
followers today to select Senator Barack Obama as their second choice
at the caucuses on Thursday if his support is not strong enough to be
viable in the 1,781 precincts across the state.

“Senator Obama and I have one thing in common: Change,” Mr. Kucinich said in a statement today. 

The two spoke briefly by telephone before Mr. Obama flew here for an
afternoon rally. In a statement, Mr. Obama took advantage of the
opportunity to point out that he, along with Mr. Kucinich, opposed the
war in Iraq. “He and I have been fighting for a number of the same
priorities,” Mr. Obama said.

Four years ago, during his first presidential bid, Mr. Kucinich
announced a similar second-choice partnership with John Edwards. At the
time, aides to Mr. Edwards said it helped contribute to his
second-place finish in the caucuses.

This year, however, Mr. Kucinich has barely waged a campaign in
Iowa. He has no paid organizers or offices in the state and he was not
invited to participate in The Des Moines Register’s debate in December.
Still, it is not uncommon to see faded Kucinich bumper stickers on cars
at rallies for Democratic presidential candidates.

We’ll see on Thursday whether they follow Mr. Kucinich’s advice.