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Debating a Hillary Clinton Supporter

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By Ben Cohen

Every now and then a reader leaves a comment that warrants a reply. After I wrote my article on Joe Wilson damaging his foreign policy credentials by backing Hillary Clinton, an angry reader going by the name of 'vb' left this comment:


Your obvious hostility to Hillary Clinton puts you squarely in the
camp o
f that small, but loud, poisonous group of Hillary Clinton haters
who are incapable of putting their misogynist feelings aside and
evaluating her candidacy fairly and objectively.

It must have really hurt to read Joe Wilson's excellent piece
supporting Hillary Clinton based on his firsthand experience of her
contribution to this nation.

I feel sorry for you and your fellow Hillary Clinton haters.
Hopefully, you'll get over it once you discover how ineffective you've

Firstly, I'm glad people are joining in the discussion at 'The Daily Banter'. However, comments like these do nothing to promote serious discussion about an important issue.

I've made pains never to mention Hillary Clinton's sex, because I don't believe it has any relevance to serious debate. I have also never mentioned Barack Obama's racial heritage, because I think it unhelpful in deciphering his politics. To label me as a misogynist because I do not support Clinton is akin to calling me a racist when I attack Obama's politics (which I have done on numerous occasions). It's a baseless attack, and it denigrates a very serious issue. Hillary Clinton has a record of following the neo conservative foreign policy agenda of the Bush Administration, and she should not be let of the hook because of her sex.

It is interesting that the reader does not mention actual policy, an indication that they are unaware of Clinton's political positions. Far from it hurting me to read Joe Wilson's piece, it further reinforced the notion that conventional wisdom in foreign policy is what is damaging the U.S at home and abroad.

If bringing attention to some of Clinton's virulently imperialistic political beliefs makes me a 'hater', then it is probably the reader we should be feeling sorry for rather than myself. Attacking Mrs Clinton may prove ineffective halting her campaign juggernaut, but it is certainly an issue serious people should not apologize for.