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Obama slams Clinton and Edwards

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By Ben Cohen

As the in the run-up to the January 3 caucuses comes to a close, Barack Obama unleashed a pointed attack on his rivals Hillary Clinton and John Edwards in fiery speech in Iowa.

"We don't need someone to work the system better because the system
doesn't work for us," said Obama in an indirect attack to Hilary Clinton. "We don't need
someone who says, ' I know how to work the game,' because the game plan
isn't working."

In reference to John Edwards comments that Obama is 'too conciliatory', Obama shot back: "Some people say, 'Well, Obama talks a good game, but he's not angry
enough, he's too conciliatory. I don't need lectures about how to bring about change
because I've spent my life bringing about change," he continued,  "I turned down the big jobs to do
community organizing in Chicago. I turned down the big money law firms
to be a civil rights lawyer. I took on the lobbyists in the state
legislature in Illinois."

It was one of the most aggressive attacks on his opponents to date, a sign of how close the race is in the crucial state of Iowa.

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