'Disaster Capitalism' hits the mainstream media


By Ben Cohen

The appearance of Naomi Klein on 'Count Down' with Keith Olbermann last night was a major victory for serious Left. It was the first time Klein has appeared in the mainstream news to talk about her book 'The Shock Doctrine- The rise of Disaster Capitalism'. Although Keith Olbermann is pretty liberal, MSNBC is part and parcel of the corporate media, and the introduction of the term 'Disaster Capitalism' is symbolic of a possible shift in mainstream ideology. The U.S occupation of Iraq has destroyed the country in part due to an attempted corporate take over, a fact never mentioned in the mainstream news. Klein documents this in her book meticulously, but has only been discussed in leftist circles.

And if you haven't bought the book, do so. It is perhaps the most analysis of global economics in the past 10 years.