Iraq Moratorium Update

by Peter Bauer, Contributing Editor

For those of you who read our site
regularly, you already know that we wholeheartedly support the Iraq War
Moratorium.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Moratorium, on the
third Friday of every month citizens take time out of their day to
protest or raise awareness for the Iraq War.  There have been three
Moratoriums so far, and the movement is gaining momentum. 

Here is an excerpt from their newsletter highlighting November's success:

        Some carried on longstanding traditions, like several weekly Friday peace vigils now in their 6th year--Oak Park, IL to name just one.  Others built on previous efforts, like the folks who now leaflet almost every stop on the South Bay CalTrain commuter rail line. Still    others have developed new approaches to protest, like the students a White Plains [NY] High School who held a noon die-in outside their lunchroom.  The legendary Freeway Blogger'sdo-it-yourself roadside advertising reached hundreds of thousands of motorists in the Bay Area.   A signer from Eugene, OR wrote a letter to Sen. Gordon Smith, and the owner of the Discursive Tendencies blog who linked a fine anti-war video she had found.

message is simple.  People are fed up with this war, and are beginning
to realize that it's not coming to an end just because the Democrats
now control Congress.  Let's face it:  it's two sides of the same
coin.  If you want to affect change, here's an easy way to do
something.   The next Moratorium will be on Friday, December 21st, so be thinking of ways you can personally take action.

Stay Tuned.

Learn more at iraqmoratorium.org.