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Banter on The Daily Banter

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By Ben Cohen

'Banter' goes back and forth. On this site, we welcome banter in any form, and hope we we can elevate discussion by engaging in it.

In my recent post on Dennis Kucinich's motion to impeach Dick Cheney, I wrote the following:

"Kucinich is building up support in the House to introduce articles of impeachment  against Dick Cheney- a move that is supported by a majority of the American population."

A reader, it seems, took exception to this:

"The instant that you stated that "articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney- a move that is supported by a majority of the American population." you lost all credibility. There is a miniscule amount of people that want, or care about, this - what a waste of time and totally unjustified."

He goes on:

"The Democrat party has evolved into nothing more than socialists
and closet communists that want to create a Stalanist type regime that
bears no resemblance to what our founding fathers created. This country
was founded on Christian priciples, self reliance (not relying on
Mother Governement), personal accountability (not excuses and
government programs) and a strong work ethic (not lousy unions and
welfare slackers). Our form of government has produced the longest
standing government, highest lifestyle and wealthiest country in the
history of the world. EVERY socialist govenernment has gone bankrupt
and is morally and ethically corrupt. Anyone supporting a Democrat does
not understand the true meaning of being an American or the priniciples
of a democracy or representative republic . . . chances are they are a
product of indoctrination from a government school run by a teachers
union, all in league with Democrats that need an uneducate population
in order to take power."

Posted by: Jim in Atlanta, GA

I won't lie, I love a good argument, particularly against lunatic conservatives. I'll respond to Jim's comments point by point:

1. The majority of Americans do support the impeachment of Dick Cheney . In July of this year, The American Research Group asked the question: "Do you favor or oppose the US House of Representatives
beginning impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney?"

54% of all adults  said 'Yes'.

54% is a majority if I'm not mistaken so I think my credibility is still intact. 

2. If Democrats are 'socialists', and 'closet communists', I am a
lemon. This point is barely worth responding to it is so ridiculous.
The Democratic Party would be considered right wing in every modern
industrialised nations outside the U.S. After Bill Clinton dismantled the welfare system, signed up to NAFTA and passed huge tax breaks to corporate America, it is amazing that Republicans still use this ludicrous line.

3. The U.S was not founded on 'Christian Principles'. It was founded on principles derived from the Enlightenment
(rationality, which has nothing to do with religion). The constitution
makes no reference whatsoever to God, and specifies the need to have
separation between Church and State.

4. The United States is not the 'longest standing government' by any
stretch of the imagination. As a government, Britain has been around since 1707, 80 years before the constitution was written in the United States .

5. The U.S  does not have the highest standard of living either. According to the U.N Human Development index,
that mantle goes to Norway. The U.S ranks 8th behind countries such as
Canada, Australia and Japan . In terms of child poverty, the U.S (along
with the U.K-the other bastion of free market capitalism) ranks worst in the industrialised world.

6. The notion that socialist democracies are all bankrupt and morally
corrupt is completely unsubstantiated (see above), and coming from a
Republican, hypocritical beyond belief. The Bush administration is
perhaps the most corrupt, incompetent government in U.S history, with
record deficits, corporate fraud and criminal environmental negligence.

7. The only party that that thrives off an uneducated population is the Republican one. The U.S ranks 21st in world literacy rates as judged by the United Nations  Development Programme
in 2005. Cuba, Norway, Finland, Hungary, and Luxembourg all rank ahead
of the U.S. All are social democracies (apart from Cuba). This would indicate that the
more educated the population, the further to the left a country is.

Feel free to weigh in on the debate and comment below!

A graduate in Politics and International Relations from the
University of Sussex, Ben Cohen is a boxing journalist for and Boxing Monthly. He is the founding Editor of The
Daily Banter.