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The Impeachment of Dick Cheney

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By Ari Rutenberg

As usual, HuffPost's Bob Cesca is spot on with his recent post on the inability of Democrats to accomplish anything is Washington.  This piece is a great expression of both my personal sentiments on the matter and what I believe many people throughout the political spectrum think about the repeated failure of the Democrats to stand up to Bush.

From The Huffington Post:

The Impeachment of Dick Cheney
by Bob Cesca

Public perception can beat the shit out of political nuance. The Bush
Republicans know this and they have abused it for their own nefarious
ends. The Democrats, on the other hand, have somehow overlooked this
very basic rule of 21st Century American politics, which is a shame
since they would more often than not use it for the betterment of the

After all, one year ago yesterday, we elected the Democrats in
overwhelming numbers to amplify our screaming voices to a decibel loud
enough to penetrate the unchecked corridors of power in Washington --
we hired this party to speak for us and to use this expressed authority
to end the war and to hold this historically unpopular executive regime

To date and with the exception of some admirable investigations by a
few standout lawmakers, the Democrats have done nothing to make good on
their mandate from you and me.

It was yesterday, on the one year anniversary of the collapse of
Karl Rove's thousand-year Reich, when the Democrats subjected
themselves to both public embarrassment and public disgrace, and each
within a few hours of the other.

The public disgrace was naturally Senator Schumer's and Senator Feinstein's
votes to endorse the Bush administration's pro-torture policy. Make no
mistake, despite their wet-bread excuses, that's what they did, say
nothing of their endorsement of the regime's unitary executive theory.
The reality of the committee vote -- the Democrats' failure to hold
their voter-mandated high ground -- is what history will remember. Not
the excusesAs for the public embarrassment, I'm referring of course to the floor vote on whether to bury a resolution calling for the impeachment of Vice President Cheney.
It was a one act tragic-comedy about how fucked up and bizarre our
nation has become this decade -- all of it concentrated into a single
hour of legislative insanity on C-SPAN.

Vice President Dick Cheney: the most subversive political villain of
our time was let off the hook yesterday and the Democrats did all of
the heavy lifting to make it happen. Dick Cheney: a man who has proudly
committed innumerable high crimes, among them a trillion dollar fraud
perpetrated upon the American people and the world -- a fraud which has
resulted in nearly 30,000 American casualties and hundreds of thousands
of Iraqi casualties. And now he's trying it again with Iran.

Yet there was Steny Hoyer desperately trying to bury this thing; the
Republicans, meantime, overwhelmingly voting in favor of the resolution
-- daring the Democrats to make it real.

Sure, you and I understand the backwards strategy behind the
political theater. The Republicans thought that a debate on the
impeachment of Dick Cheney would embarrass the Democrats. Run away!  Run away!  They said it'll embarrass us, so I guess it will!  Run away!

But this begs the question, what made them believe they'd be
embarrassed by the clown-car party of Brownie, Mark Foley, Larry Craig
and Alberto Gonzales? Easy. Congressman Boehner made them believe it
when he strategically rallied enough GOP votes to force a debate. They
literally and brazenly dared the Democrats to allow an impeachment
debate on the House floor. See, the Republicans still hold a collection
of Democratic balls inside a cryogenic flask hidden somewhere on the

If only the Democrats were attentive enough to the people to realize
that a majority of Americans, including a majority of independent
voters, support the impeachment of Dick Cheney,
they would've treated the resolution with a little more respect. If
they acknowledged their mandate and discarded their predictably
impotent political habits, they would have had the mettle to at least
debate the resolution and entered into the record their collective
objections to the vice president's malfeasance, as well as forced into
the record the Republican Party's inexplicable support for the man's
attempt to undermine their authority. History demands this.

Instead, by engaging in such an awkwardly amateurish fire drill on
the floor of the House, Hoyer managed to inject his misguided
capitulation into the national debate. He might not know this, but
there exists cable news and internet blogs, both thirsting for
material. Now, millions of people know that the House Democrats dropped
their short pants and stumbled away from the task of holding the vice
president accountable -- their trousers bunched around their ankles
restricting normal locomotion -- simply because the Republicans dared
them to act.

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