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Did Micheal Moore’s ‘Sicko’ fairly portray the NHS?

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By Ben Cohen


The docu-film 'Sicko' shocked the American public with its brutal portrayal of their health care system. It has helped set the agenda for the 2008 presidential elections, and has forced the insurance companies to justify their existence like never before. Moore's film contrasts the broken American system with socialised European models in France, Cuba and Great Britain. The NHS in Britain (the National Health Service), and the French and Cuban system ares portrayed in extremely good light, emphasising their strengths while ignoring their weaknesses.

Moore has come under specific criticism for his one sided portrayal of the heavily criticised NHS.

Did Moore gloss over the facts to fit his thesis? Or is the U.K system as good as the film portrays? Click here to read a fascinating article in the that gives insight from people inside the NHS. END

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