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France gets into the mix with Iran

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By Ben Cohen

For some reason, the western world believes it has the right to lecture everyone else on their rights to have nuclear weapons. Now France has warned Iran that it will go to war if they do not stop the progression towards having nuclear capability. Let's use the wonderful tool of perspective and look at it from a different angle. As a concerned person, I believe that any country that possesses nuclear capability is a threat to peace and stability. Therefore France should be invaded promptly for is possession of the lethal weapon, and Iran should be the country to do it. Anyone up for it? Of course not. France is a sovereign nation, and no one has the right to invade them even if they have granted themselves the right to have nuclear weapons.

To boot, France is a nation with white people, and they would never actually use the bomb. It's those pesky underdeveloped nations that have historically used Weapons of Mass Destruction anyway......

Please post comments below- this is a serious issue, and warrants much discussion.