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Mexico’s President slaps down xenophobic U.S. immigration policy

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Finally someone is standing up for the rights of migrant workers in the U.S.Its unfortunate that its been left to the President of Mexico.That being said it seems relevant to mention that though he is right and its important that people speak out on this issue he could also start by working to create labor standards and wage laws as well as to root out corruption and criminality in the government. A change in the economic and social circumstances which might encourage people to stay in Mexico is an important part of comprehensive immigration policy, which in my mind does not include walls, electronic surveillance, or mass jailing and deportation.That all being said the man is definitely right, and has only been in office for a few months, so I'll give him a chance on the other stuff.
From the Arizona Republic:

Strong words for America, stern warnings for Mexico


Chris Hawley
Republic Mexico City Bureau
Sept. 2, 2007 03:40 PM
MEXICO CITY - Mexico's president drew a standing ovation from legislators as he chided Americans for new border fences and their "humiliating treatment" of illegal immigrants during his State of the Union speech on Sunday.

But President Felipe Calderón leveled criticism at his own country as well, warning that Mexico is headed for a crisis if it does not create more jobs, improve education, crack down on tax evaders and find an alternative to its dwindling oil reserves.

The speech was Calderón's first State of the Union address since his disputed win in last year's presidential election. Lawmakers from the leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party boycotted the speech, and about 1,500 protesters jeered Calderón outside the National Palace in Mexico City's colonial center.

The speech was postponed a day and relocated from the capitol building to the National Palace, the former residence of Mexico's presidents, because of fears that opposition lawmakers would rush the podium to block the speech.

Calderón is a conservative who shares the Bush administration's pro-business sentiments. But he fiercely criticized the United States for failing to reform its immigration system this year while simultaneously bolstering border security.

"I again express an energetic protest for the unilateral measures, taken by the Congress and the government of the United States, that exacerbate the persecution and the humiliating treatment of undocumented Mexican workers," Calderón said.
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