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What is wrong with Michael Savage?

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By Ari Rutenberg

A few days ago, upon hearing the news that Chief Justice Roberts had had a seizure and been taken to the hospital, popular right-wing radio host Michael Savage (whose middle name is very appropriately, as Keith Olbermann likes to point out, Weiner) did not express his concern, or his support for the Chief Justice, but instead immediately began to accuse the Democrats in general, and NY Senator Chuck Schumer specifically, of having caused it. What the hell is wrong with this man? First that is absurd. I do not like many Republicans but I have not accused them of attempting to have Bill Clinton assassinated. Second Mr. Savage, it is people like you who believe that violence is the solution to every problem. We did not start a war for no reason. We are not trying to threaten any country who disagrees with us with wanton destruction. We do not feel the need to threaten people with the death penalty for expressing their political beliefs. All those things are the modus operandi of anti-intellectual, fear- hate-, and war- mongering, non-reality based, non-thinking, lying, dissembling, fascist propagandizing jingoistic neocon sons of bitches like you and your ilk. Oh yeah...thats because the other thing you people are famous for is accusing others of committing your crimes and misdeeds. We believe in peaceful, reasonable discussion and due process of the law. We believe in the use of reason and justice as our guiding moral principles. We believe in having compassion for your fellow humans and demonstrating it with actions. We believe that you do not have to murder your enemies to defeat them. We believe in living our highest moral standards, not simply paying them lip service.And most of all, we (which by the way is most of the world, as outside this country people like Mr. Savage are not generally given air time) believe in knowledge, understanding, compassion and social justice in our society. Those are the thing we care about. So please Mr. Savage when your ready to have a civilized discussion we can talk, but until then, as my dear friend Ben said yesterday of another jackass, please shut up.