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The inevitable results of Bush’s corporate cronyism

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In the last few years there have been several well publicized mine incidents in America. They have not all been tragedies. They might have all been avoided if the US government was not in the pocket of and run by the mining industry's biggest names in pollution and contempt for labor, as is laid out in frightening detail by Robert F. Kennedy in his 2004 book Crimes Against Nature. Now it comes out that Bush's choice to head the Mine and Health Safety Administration was not only a mining industry insider, but one with twice the number of violations as the national average. And like so many of Bushes other picks, he had to be put in his position on a recess appointment because the Bush administration does not believe in compromise or their own fallibility.

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From ABC 4 News in Salt Lake City:
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The families of the Crandall Canyon miner's aren't the
only ones raising questions about the handling of the rescue effort.

Many news organizations and blogs are also now asking questions about the governments role and the man chosen to lead the rescue effort, Mine and Health Safety Administrator, Richard Stickler.

Sunday, the questions that had been whispered about for days, the miner's families themselves finally made public.

Sonny Olsen, families spokesperson said, "We are at the mercy of the officials in charge and their so-called experts."

Increasing attention is now being paid to Stickler, the federal government's main mine man.

Stickler used to be a mining executive who - according to various media reports - ran mines which had several fatalities and " incident rate that was often twice the national average.

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