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The Drums Of War

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By Peter Bauer

Here we go again. FOX News is once again beating the drums for war with Iran in the same way that they beat them for Iraq.

In an interview on Fox, former recess appointed Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton said he hoped we would attack Iran in the next six months.

The Bush Administration has been adamant in their stance that Iran must not obtain nuclear capabilities, and are now asserting that Iran is actively involved in attacks in Iraq and the rest of the Persian Gulf. What is important to keep in mind is that the Bush Administration has systematically distorted and mislead the United States to war, and therefore have lost all credibility in their assessment of proper military action. WMD's anybody?

Here's a side by side comparison of FOX News Coverage of the Iraq war, and build-up to war with Iran.

The issue of the media's lock step compliance in drumming up covering war and then reporting on it's bloody aftermath for higher ratings and more advertising dollars has been discussed at great length in a recent film called War Made Easy by Norman Solomon. This film compares talking points, rhetoric, and media coverage of every war of the Television Era. Consider this essential viewing for anyone committed to actively subverting the Dominant Media Paradigm.

This propaganda is systematic and coordinated, and must be rejected wholesale by the American public before this nightmare gets any further out of hand.

Click here to watch the video.