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At least the Bushies are consistent in one area : lying about Iraq

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Well it seems that no matter what they say, the Bush administration does not believe in either trusting the "commanders on the ground" or in keeping its word. At the least they are in a state of complete denial about the fact that no one believes them anymore, and they certainly aren't going to be believed after promising a Petraeus report for 9 months and then delivering a Cheney report. For a man who constantly tells us that he listens to his commanders and that he is a straight shooter it seems a little weird that after 9 months of hearing "wait until Petraeus reports in September" it seems that there will be no report by General Petraeus. Instead the White House will deliver the report itself and Petraeus will only testify in a closed door session with Congress. It is just another bit of evidence that these people have a pathological inability to actually allow any truth that might not fit their program to be revealed in any way. I'd like to say I'm appalled at this, but it seems so fruitless to get angry about, or even be surprised by, the new realms of hypocrisy so diligently discovered by the neocons. END